Discuto on Google marketplace


We are happy to announce we have released our Google marketplace app.

The app targets two different groups, with different set of features for each one acording to their needs. One of this groups is Google domain administrators. The app provides unique set of features for users managing their domain with Google apps, providing a seamingless workflow plugging itself perfectly in your current Google environment.

Managing a discussion

Creating, managing and developing a discussion can seem like a challenge, but it’s easier than you might think. 

The key is keeping people informed and up-to-date with developments, which is why Discuto comes with a messaging system. 

Here are some other ways Discuto can help, along with some general discussion tips:

Writing down your ideas and discussing them with your group

Today we talk about how writing down your ideas and potential decisions and how gathering organized feedback can help you make better decisions for your business.

The post meant for anyone who is interested in making better decisions and are challenge with trying to involving a large group in a decision making process and might be struggling to organize large amounts of feedback and reaching consensus within the group. So you might be :

Using google drive to upload a document into discuto

Our latest Discuto update means you can now upload a document to Discuto directly from Google Drive. And to make things as simple as possible, you choose the source — your drive or your Google Drive.
Here are 3 steps showing you how:

1 - Start a new discussion

When logged in to Discuto, go to "My discussions", then "Create new discussion", and add:

Lessons learnt at 2013's Web Summit in Dublin

Yes, the Dublin Web Summit is an experience — 10000+ visitors and 1000+ exhibitors. There are chances to interact with a large number of investors, customers, partners, and competitors — all relevant or important.

We definitely did our preparation but, of course, there is always room for improvement. Here is what we learned; we hope it will help you get more out of exhibitions:


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