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Helping you reach better decisions

Hannes Leo

Hannes Leo | CEO & Founder

Alfred Taudes

Alfred Taudes | Founder

Alfred Taudes is Professor for Business Administration and Business Informatics at the Vienna University of Economics and Business. He has supervised many international science projects and held professorships in Germany and Japan. Promoting new ideas through third party funded projects, scientific advice and the support of spin-offs has always been a core aspect of his work.

Flavia Halatiba

Flavia Halatiba | Developer

Flavia is a web developer and has become a Drupal enthusiast over the past 2 years. Passionate about travel, she always enjoys visiting and discovering exciting new places. She contributes to cbased projects, integrates new features and maintains the platform.





Alexander Ramseier

Alexander Ramseier | Marketeer

Alexander is a sales with a passion for business outcomes. He holds a bachelor in economics from University of Fribourg Switzerland. In 2015 he started working as marketer for cbased.

Florin Tarnovanu

Florin Tarnovanu | Developer

Florin has built web applications and deployed server services for over 10 years. A true Game of Thrones fan, he loves Nightwish music and medfests. Together with Flavia, he develops new features and maintains cbased projects.


Patrick Taudes | Developer

Patrick - nicknamed "madpato" - started programing when he was 15. At cbased he is responsible for our mobile applications. Which translates to: Patrick makes sure Discuto will work on your Apple or Android device in the very near future!